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Tuesday, 20 October 2015
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How to make Free Calls all over the world and get a virtual Phone number [Guide]

Free Calls and virtual Phone number
Hey ONHAXIERS, Its @indi. Today, I’ll share an app from which you guys can make free calls all over the world. Even if they are not on this App
So, The app we’ll use is named DingTone. This is a Great App For all Users as it give u a virtual US/CA and UK phone number which can be used to recive calls/text , Make calls/text
What is DingTone ?
Dingtone, the new way to talk, text and share, for free! Dingtone allows you to make free phone calls, send free text messages, share photos, use Walkie Talkie like push-to-talk (PTT) functions, leave live voicemails and make conference calls. All communication between Dingtone users is entirely free.
Direct Download Link
  • Make free phone calls, send free text messages
  • Turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie. Push to talk!
  • Cheap or free international calls to over 200 countries
  • Free calls or free text to your Facebook friends
  • Free group calls and conference calls
  • Get US/CA and UK Phone Number
  1. Go to given link Below from your android device.
  2. You will be redirected to dingtone download page.
  3. Now download and install dingtone from download page.
  4. Open and SignUp to dingtone using ur phone no.
  5. For signUp You will get 20-100 credit.
  6. Now you can make free calls and get a virtual no using credits .
  7. To get More credit you can checking in daily, watch video ads, complete tasks, invite friends

Sharing is Caring

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3 ways to use a single-1 Gmail id as many-multiple ids! Gmail dot trick (.) and + plus tricks!

Heya folks, E-Mail or electronic mail is the most widely used means of communication over the Internet , also its kinda an impression of a person’s online identity. GMail is one such popular e-mail service provided by Google!. But do you know that a single or even one GMail ID can be used as multiple ID’s which we can use to perform multiple sign-ups ! , thus saving the troublesome task of creating multiple e-mail accounts for different accounts on a single site . A single Gmail ID can thus be tweaked to be camouflaged as different or multiple e-mail ID’s . Let’s have a look onto 3 of such best tricks to use a single 1 gmail ID as multiple ones or many ids.
Assumption :  I will be explaining all the tricks in the article using our default GMail ID for the website – @ gmail . com. I will be using this single gmail id to get mails from multiple ids without even creating them!
Trick # 1 – Gmail dot (.) trick
  • This is one of the most widely used techniques to use a single E-Mail ID to sign-up for multiple accounts .
  • The Gmail dot trick consists of inserting any number of dots (.) or fullstop/period in your gmail ID username to show them as different IDs .
  • Thus, even if you send an email / or request an email on techapplenet @ gmail . com or t.e.c.h.a.p.p.l.e.n.e.t @ gmail . com it will arrive in the same e-mail ID! . (The original one)
  • The sign-up or other websites though treat them as different e-mail accounts, but in Gmail they are one! , so thus you can use a single gmail account id as multiple ones, I use this trick pretty much on signing up for free trial websites which provide freebies based on e-mail IDs.
  • So, Gmail dot trick in short –
    • = = =

Trick # 2 – GMail plus (+) trick
  • This is yet another Gmail tip which will benefit you greatly , Its also similar to the GMail dot trick but instead we append + sign at the back of our GMail ID, with some letter or word at the end.
  • So, for example if the original gmail id is , Sending an email to or requesting an E-Mail on all of the below combinations will send the e-mail on ๐Ÿ˜› = = = =
  • Thus ,  In Gmail plus (+) trick the E-mail id too will appear as different and unique to other websites requiring sign-up but in the end the Gmail id or account used is again one!

Trick # 3 – Using instead of
  • You can also substitute at the end of the G-Mail id with , The E-Mail will still be sent to your original ID!
  • is the official gmail domain name for UK and Germany users, so you ca even use to create a new account on a particular website if is used.
  • Thus, long story short –
  • = =

Example of using the above technique –
We have our Gmail ID registered as , you can check how we used each of the above combiation and still received the e-mail on our default ID.
Sending e-mail instead
Reception of mail sent to on the GMail ID –
Thus, you can use one or even all of the above methods to create multiple email or gmail ids for yourselves on just a single account! . The permutations and combinations possible are infinite! , also If you have queries/suggestions feel free to comment :)

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UnoDNS- Easiest way to access blocked online channels without VPN [ Access Hulu , Netflix , BBC etc ] without compromising Speed

We all love watching TV Channels isn’t it ? But unfortunately some TV Channels or their content is aired only for specific regions/countries  and access to them from other regions is blocked :( . In such cases there remain very less option to access them except to either change our IP address using VPNs (which dramatically reduces our network speeds) or using illegal streams/sources (which are very harmful for everyone of us the entertainment industry as well as our devices). Also VPNs have a major disadvantage that they reduce our bandwidth & speed to a great extent plus they even change our IP address for all websites which may result in temporary suspension of account (as in Facebook, Google+) . But Yeah, we have a great solution now to overcome the aforesaid restrictions – UnoDNS review!  – Its simply a unique DNS service, which will automatically change your IP address according to the channel you want to access, let’s have a look into some of its specialities.
Salient Features of UnoDNS –
Successful Streaming of BBC iPlayer from India using UnoDNS
  • As you might have guesses by its name, UnoDNS is actually a premium DNS service which lets you access will let you access blocked channels like Netflix, Hulu,  BBC iPlayer and more, from anywhere you are with the press of a button. 
  • The difference between traditional VPNs and UnoDNS service is that unlike VPNs, UnoDNS doesn’t consumes your internet connection Speed. Thus, you can stream directly from the streaming media station or the Streaming site (ie. Netflix, BBC iPlayer) with your full internet speed.
  • Plus, the existing solutions like VPNs cannot be used on Tablets , Gaming Consoles, Smart TVs etc but UnoDNS can be used on these devices as well ad many more devices which can access internet.
  • Furthermore, UnoDNS also have a unique feature called UnoDNS Dynamo – which you can use to access different country editions of a single streaming service (e.g you can use a single USA Netflix account to watch Netflix content of 10 different countries like UK , Norway , Canada , Denmark , Ireland etc). You simply need to select your preferred server location in the UnoDNS menu on your device , Click here to know more about UnoDNS Dynamo.
  • There are no bandwidth limits or connection throttles using UnoDNS , So your internet connection remains as fast it is! :).
Using UnoDNS Services –
  • For using the UnoDNS Services, you will need a UnoDNS account. You can Sign-Up for a Free! 8-day trial of UnoDNS by clicking here!.
  • Now Please visit, and Log on to your account, Now depending upon your device on which you want to view the channels, you need to update your DNS Servers according to the region you reside in.
    The recommended UnoDNS Primary & Secondary Dyanamo DNS Servers for your region can be obtained at :
  • Once you get the DNS Servers, Set your device’s DNS servers depending upon the device you want to use UnoDNS on –
    Click here to view tutorial on setting up/updating UnoDNS servers on Computers(Windows/Linux/Mac OS/Chromebooks).
    Click here to view information on setting up UnoDNS on your Apple TV/Xbox 360/Samsung Smart TV/PS3/PS4/Roku/Google TV etc
  • Now, after setting up your DNS, simply visit in your browser, and click on the channel you want to view. Yo! Your channel will be successfully streamed to your device!. (The list of channels supported by UnoDNS can be viewed at , however you can always ask for supporting new channels).
MyTake on UnoDNS : Highly recommended, as you can see the attached screenshot I was able to watch BBC iPlayer channel in full speed without using any VPN / or worrying about IP changes. UnoDNS workd very well as promised so be it watching your favorite match, cricket tournament , Wimbledon or the Formula F1 racecourse viewing everything will be easier with UnoDNS.
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Top 7 Free Disposable/ Temporary Email address providers for Quick Sign-ups and Spam protection

All of us hate email spam, and many times our inbox is simply flooded with spam,newletters and useless emails which simply waste our time as well as email space. Also you might have been forced to sign-up on some websites which ask you for your e-mail and don’t let you access the content you want to without entering email address. Or you might simply be requiring the email address for quick sign-up just for validation purposes . In all of above scenarios and many more disposable / temporary email services will come to your rescue . Let’s get a look on what are temporary email address, why should you use them ? and the best disposable email address service providers –
What are Disposable / Temporary Email addresses?In simple words, these are the email addresses which aren’t owned by you, but are public and therefore they don’t require any passwords to access them.
Why to use Disposable / Temporary emails ?We need to use them to protect our primary emails from spam, and from unwanted emails coming in to our inbox.
The Top 7 Free Temporary email address service providers are as follows –
No 1 –

10MinuteMail is alternative & probably the most easy to use temporary email address service provider. All you need to do is visit and it’ll display you your temporary email address which is valid for 10 minutes!. You can then use it to sign-up and receive emails. The address is discarded after 10 minutes however it provides the option to extend the session by 10 minutes unlimited times (until the tab isn’t closed).
No 2 –

Mailinator is yet another email address service but with a twist, unlike 10minutemail you don’t need to open the website to create a temporary email address for you, but it has been already created! . Whenever signing-up on websites just type in your email address as “” , and once you’ve signed up, simply access your email on . And voila! you’ll find that your e-mail has already arrived! . The only disadvantage of using mailinator is that all email addresses are public and can be accessed by anyone (accidentally if someone else selects the same text you selected). but its very rare. E-Mails are stored for 1 hour before they’re discarded.
No – 3

Yopmail is just another service like or an alternative to Mailinator, where your email address is already created. And the procedure too is pretty same , while signing-up use “” , and later for accessing the emails you can use the same trick visiting . Yopmail is my personal favorite due to the fact it stores the emails for a much longer time as compared to other disposable email address providers.
No 4 –

Mintemail can be classified as an advanced alternative of, which gives you a pre-defined address like 10minutemail. But it also has a major advantage that it will update the tab title automatically whenever an email arrives at your temporary email address. Thus, you can work in different tab without having to worry about email address expiration or missing out.
No – 5

Functionality wise is same as that of mailinator, all the email addresses are pre-created (e.g , but to access the emails you need to first visit , and then enter your selected text (e.g anything) to access the mailbox (
No 6 –

Provides an Inbox as well as a temporary outbox is a temporary address providing service but with some good additional features which might come in handy. All the above services just provide a temporary ‘inbox’ for receiving incoming emails, but goes one step ahead and even provides a temporary outbox which can be used to send emails with the same temporary email address. This is really a very handy feature and can be used as a sort of anonymous email with composing as well as receiving facility!
No 7 –
More than an temporary email address service, Jetable can be described as an Anti-Spam solution and works in a unique way! .Some websites may blacklist temporary email addresses but in such cases Jetable can help you get out , what it does is it first verifies your original email address, and according to your choice it helps you create a temporary email address for a specific time frame (Upto 1 Month) and forwards all the mails coming to that temporary email address to your original email address. Thus, by limiting public access, as well as increasing the temporary email address lifespan it really does a goo job!. Not only that, the temporary address is permanently deleted after its lifespan so no one else can get access to it.
So, these were the Top 7 Free Temporary / Disposable email address service providers , if you know any good of such services feel free to comment. Also, you might be interested in Simple Tricks to use a Single Gmail address as Multiple ones!
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Cloudflare Review : It really saves bandwidth and Boosts up Page Speed! Highly Recommended- Cloudflare CDN

Recently, i was looking for ways to increase the speed of my WordPress blog,while searching i came across this thing – Cloudflare CDN and i decided to apply it on my blog, and to my surprise the results were amazing! Cloudflare not only did increase my Page Speed but also it saved a hell lot of Bandwidth required by my Server/hosting . Indirectly it saved the day! for me, So here’s a Real User experience or Cloudflare review.
Review of Cloudflare – Unique Features 
Free and Amazing CDN which increases Speed – Cloudflare is one of those only few CDN or Content Delivery Networks which provides its services for free! The Content Delivery Networks help in increasing the Speed by providing a sort of “online cache”.Thus saving the time and resources required for executing the scripts on the server , instead they are run once and are cached thus saving the resources and reducing the loading time :).
Cloudflare Saves a Lot of Bandwidth! – This may not be of much importance for Big site owners, but for small self-hosted blogs like mine,Bandwidth is an important factor – As completion of bandwidth quota will simply make the site unavailable and negatively impacting the SEO. The Cloudflare CDN stores the basic page cache on its server thus ensuring the Server resources and Bandwidth are conserved most of the time,ensuring proper Resource utilization.
Site is always online and Positive SEO Impact – Due to Cloudflare’s always Online Technology, your site is assured of being always Up in the Cloudflare’s cache thus preventing the SEO penalties due to the Bouncing links/Server unavailability at the same time ensuring Users will always get their required content .
Protecting against Bots / DDoS and other type of attacks [Threat Control] – Cloudflare CDN Network also protects from Blacklisted IP addresses which are known to produce Spam, thus preventing you from Spam . The Cloudflare Servers act as a shield when hackers attack your site through the methods and provides an effective Protection against threats such as DDoS,hotlinking,and Bandwidth leech etc.
Awesome Cloudflare Apps – Besides providing protection,increasing speeds of page loading,and conserving bandwidth the Cloudflare CDN provides a gallery of awesome apps which you can add to your site,which can add additional functionalities and may even generate extra revenue for you . For e.g Cloudflare Apps – Slider,Infolinks,Viglink can easily be added to earn extra income from site without annoying the visitors . Besides these there are also additional utility apps available such as Dome9,CrowdCurity,CodeGuard,Instaflare,Google Webmasters etc Just to name a few.
Besides these the Cloudflare also contains an inbuilt Dashboard for Site Analytics which you can use to monitor the visitors,their location etc . And as these elements do not use any Scripts like Google Analytics/Awstats/Jetpack they are even more accurate and precise giving you an exact view of the Website Performance and Bounce rates. Regarding the Adsense things its still Up-And-Down so i am yet unable to figure out whether it increased my earnings or not. But one thing is for sure,it did increase my Rankings :).
So , Cloudflare is simply a boon for bloggers, infact the Bandwidth of my blog would have been over had it not for Cloudflare! as it saved 70% of my Bandwidth :) . If you still have any doubts and queries regarding Cloudflare do comment, we would be happy to answer them :)
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How to – View Traffic Source/Medium of a single Blog Article – Post by Google Analytics for Free

Recently one of our posts experienced a major spike in traffic and we wanted to check out the source/medium of that particular blog article. Neither the default WordPress stats by JetPack, nor any other stats manager were able to track it. And after the recent update Google hides the search keyword for most keywords and hence we were unable to distinguish the source of traffic generation of that particular article. We tried playing around in Google Analytics and finally succeeded in finding the below mentioned method on how to successfully track the incoming traffic source/medium of any article on your blog .
Method to track / finding out the traffic source or medium of any selected blog post/article using Google Analytics for free –
Pre-requisites –
  • Google Analytics to be integrated with your blog, there are tons of articles on the web which can guide on this, as well as a host of WordPress plugins.
  • Blogger users can easily integrate it by adding the google analytics gadget to their blog.
Method –
Acquisiton – Google Analytics
  • Log-in to your Google Analytics account, and open the Dashboard.
  • Now in the left hand side menu pane, click on the “Acquisitions” option, and select the option marked as “Source/Medium”  as shown in the alongside figure.
  • Now, you’ll be presented with all the source/medium of traffic of your blog, now we need to filter it to fulfill our purpose . Now, in the tab option labelled “Primary Dimension” ,  click on “Other / the arrow mark” and type in & select “Landing Page” .(As shown in below figure)
    Selecting Primary Dimension - Landing Page Google Analytics
    Selecting Primary Dimension – Landing Page Google Analytics

  • Now, the traffic will be listed according to the landing page, but we need to know the source or the medium too for the traffic so now click on the “Secondary dimension” drop down box , and type-in to select the “Source or Source/Medium” option, as shown in the below figure –
    Secondary Dimension – Source Google Analytics

  • Done, Now you can see your traffic report of your blog with urls of article and the referring source/medium to it. If incase the Article isn’t visible you can increase the row size to 50,100,500 to show more articles and use “Ctrl+f” to find traffic details for your desired post.
  • This is a pretty useful trick for us to confirm whether our article is indexed and is receiving organic search traffic, however you can also use it to analyse which medium works more effectively for you so that you can target promoting on it even more.
If you face any problems or have any queries feel free to comment. This article is a testing article for blogging tips & tutorials section on TechApple as we want opinions of our readers whether should we start adding more blogging tips & tricks tutorials on TechApple! including SEO tips, or whether we should do it separately!
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4 Best apps to detect & recognize music/songs on Android phones

download it and add it to our music library. Or in some-cases simply to know the Singer Artist of the Song/or currently played Music. In all above cases we need to identify, detect or recognise the song & music and the only thing which can help us out is our Android phones!. Following are 4 Best Free Music recognition apps for Android mobiles which can recognise the currently playing songs easily! be it insource(inside mobile) or external source(speaker) etc.
App # 1 – Sony TrackID app for Android
TrackID for music detection by Sony
We simply love this app, and we find it the best amongst all Music recognition apps for android. TrackID is developed by Sony, which is known for its quality products, and this app too isn’t much different . TrackID has a sleek and simple user interface, and just requires a working internet connection.
  • To recognise music using TrackID, simply turn on your Cellular Data connection,open the TrackID app.
  • Now tap on the “Music icon“and place your Android phone near the music/song source which you want to detect.
  • And that’s it , it will automatically record the beats, and compare it with server data and will recognize the song for you!
TrackID gave us the best song identification results in our tests.

App # 2 – Shazam for Android
Shazam for Android is very easy to use
Shazam is the leading app for music detection be it English, or regional songs. To recognise music using Shazam all you need to do is
1. Open Shazam app on your phone.
2. Tap on the “S” icon, which is above the “touch to Shazam” option.
3. Now place your Android phone’s microphone near the source playing music,  Shazam will automatically record the beats and compare with its server’s music directory and identify the song for you!.
Besides, these you can now also use your phone camera to record videos and get your music detected by Shazam app. Shazam unlike MusixMatch cannot identify songs which are in your phone’s music library – i.e playing and detecting them concurrently  on the same device is not supported by Shazam.
Shazam requires a decent internet connection (WiFi/Data connection) for its working, so make sure you turn on the internet on your device before using Shazam!.

App # 3 – MusixMatch app (Music ID app for Android) 
MusicID option present in MusixMatch
There was a direct competition between Soundcloud and MusixMatch to be the best alternative to Shazam, but MusixMatch simply races ahead due to some unique features which are absent in Shazam too!
  • MusixMatch can not only detect the songs which you are hearing from an external source, but it also identifies the ones which are played from the Music .
  • Not just music identification, MusixMatch even starts showing the lyrics in synchronisation with the Song Stanza! , so it even plays the lyrics of the detected songs for you , in addition to playing songs at the simultaneously (if you called it for device’s internal music library).
  • For using the external sound recognize function of MusixMatch you need to select the “MusicID” option from the menu, as shown in the alongside screenshot.
  • The rest of the procedure is similar to that of Shazam for identifying the currently played music/songs. ( You need to tap on the “butterfly” icon after selecting MusicID option to start recording (required for Song identification)).
MusixMatch was able to synchronise with the external music source
Alongside, is an image result of test which we used to detect a regional bollywood song, it even started showing the lyrics in synchronization with the external music song/source!. The only thing which kept MusixMatch after Shazam was that Shazam was able to recognize more music types and was quicker as compared to MusixMatch.

App # 4 – SoundHound
SoundHound too uses the “S” button to detect songs!
Ideally SoundHound can be classified as a ditto alternative to Shazam, with almost the same set of features as the latter. SoundHound is 3rd in our list because we faced a few glitches with it while trying to identify and detect local music through it., but SoundHound functions really well for English Music (Hollywood).
The procedure to use SoundHound is also similar to Shazam, and so it also requires an internet connection.
Tap the “S” button and place the device’s microphone near to the music playing source, to recognize the song on your Android device.
SoundHound also supports the “humming” technology, which means you can simply sing the song yourself into the phone’s microphone and it will detect the song for you!
These are currently the best apps to recognize music/songs for Android , we also tested a few others like Genius but didn’t find them worthwhile to be added in this article. If you face any problems while using them, or know of any other such good app feel free to comment.

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